8 Signs Your Vehicle is Due For Maintenance

A mechanic checking a air filter on a truck.

Factory-recommended maintenance means taking a vehicle to certified mechanics for lubrication, inspection, and parts replacement based on the recommended intervals. These services are usually outlined in your owner’s manual, which may include the following: Oil change Filter changes (like oil, fuel, and air filters) Replace timing belts or timing chains Tune-ups Tire balancing and rotation […]

4 Signs That You Need Brake Repair

Disc brake of the vehicle for repair, in process of new tire replacement.

If the engine is broken, you’re not going anywhere. However, if the vehicle’s brakes are out of order, you’re not stopping – and that could cause injuries or death for you and your family and possibly another family. Thus, the brake system is one of the most important systems on the vehicle. Brakes that are […]

Why European Auto Repair Requires a True Specialist

Headlight of modern prestigious car at closeup. With dark gray color and red edging.

If you drive a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Mini, Volkswagen or another Euro car, you know that the engine needs more maintenance than other vehicles because it’s finely tuned. You also know that not everyone can work on Euro cars and don’t want just anyone messing around with the engine. You can still save some money […]

Should I Take My Car to a Dealership?

Car dealership office with parked cars in showroom.

When you purchase a brand-new vehicle with a warranty, you might take it to the dealership. However, once the warranty runs out, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by taking your vehicle to a dealership alternative like Bowen Street Garage in Longmont CO. Each mechanic at our auto repair shop is A.S.E. […]

Common Auto Repair Issues in Longmont, CO

Young woman standing near broken down car with popped up hood having trouble with her vehicle.

Every make vehicle has its repair issues, and BMW is no exception. When you need repair for BMW, Ford, GM, Volkswagen, or most other makes, Bowen Street Garage in Longmont CO has a certified mechanic that is experienced in auto repair, whether a Euro car or an American-made vehicle. Whether you need maintenance or repairs, […]

Why Your German Car Needs a Repair Specialist

VW plate logo sign car grill german European automobile manufacturer company

When you drive a German vehicle, you need a German repair specialist. German vehicle manufacturers build their vehicles differently – tolerances are tighter, parts are better quality, and many repair jobs require special tools. Bowen Street Garage has several certified European auto repair technicians for German auto repair. Whether you need factory recommended maintenance or […]